The Blessings of the Lord

I pray the blessings of the Lord upon every woman on this special day. May the Divine connection that connected Mary to Joseph, to enable Mary to be blessed among all women, may that Divine connection come to you in Jesus Name. You who wonder and ponder in a state of uncertainty, I declare clarity over your life in Jesus Name. To the single, may the Lord disconnect you from every ungodly relationship that will not work out for your good, and I re-connect you to your Joseph in Jesus Name. May God favour you and bring you before Kings just like He favoured Esther before the King. May the Lord bless the seed of your womb just like He blessed the seed of Hannah’s. You who call yourself barren, may God visit you with tears of joy even as He opens your womb, just as He did to Sarah. I pray for you this day that God may bring to you your own Boaz, that special man, that special MD, that special CEO, that special ambassador, that special Pastor who will change the fortune of your life just as it was done to Ruth. You who call yourself bitter, I pray that the God of sweetness will be sweeter into every difficult situation you find yourself in at this present time. Finally, to the pregnant one, may God cause you to deliver like the Hebrew woman, and intervene to mothers that have been giving up because your children seem to be lacking behind. May God lift up your children to bring your honour just as He did to Mary because of Jesus Christ. I declare in Jesus Name that you will live to see your great grandchildren, in-law, friends, loved ones, family and relatives, and have already received the blessings in Jesus Name. I call this declaration DONE IN JESUS NAME!

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